Yellow Pair Alcove

Yellow Pair Alcove

As we hiked up and down Snake Gulch in search of pictographs, it seems that we came across a lot of anthropomorphs that were painted in pairs. This is one of the larger and better preserved sets that we found.

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  1. 1:49 pm, November 9, 2011Angela Wheelock 

    Hi again,
    I love the picture that just happens to have been posted on my birthday! Nice late birthday gift.

    I used to work as a photographer. My eyesight isn’t great now, but I love beautiful photos. Do you enjoy your work? What kind of camera are you using, by the way?

    • Randy Langstraat

      1:58 pm, November 9, 2011Randy Langstraat 

      Thanks Angela! Photography is only a hobby for me, I don’t do it professionally.

      I’m currently using a Canon 5DmkII as my main camera.

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