Waving Hello

Waving Hello

An interesting figure found in the Book Cliffs of Utah that appears to be waving. This panel is located high up on the canyon wall and is on private property, so you cannot get up close without permission from the owners. This photo was taken from the road at 400mm and then cropped some more. I have seen this figure referred to as Barrier Canyon Style before, but I’m not so sure I would classify it as such? This section of the canyon contains many different styles of rock art in close proximity, including Ute and/or Paiute, Fremont and Barrier Canyon Style. It must have been an important place! Below the waving figure there is a band of horseback riders that were most likely painted by the Ute or Paiute. The figures in this panel were created by wetting chunks of red ochre and drawing directly on the canyon wall.

>> McDonald Creek & Book Cliffs Rock Art

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  1. 8:51 am, September 8, 2011Brian 

    It looks like BCS, and doesn’t really fit in with much of what’s around it, but it does appear to be (at least partly) the same pigment as the definitely not BCS stuff around it. I might guess that it could be a much older figure that was modified by more modern artists. The hands and arms look like they were added later, probably the curved “antenna” (or horns or feathers or who knows) as well.

  2. 12:42 pm, August 24, 2013Weendii 

    The torso certainly looks BCS, but the rest does not. This suggests that it is a transition style later than BCS

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