Ute Bear Dance

Ute Bear Dance

Here’s a photo from a new petroglyph panel I visited on Saturday near Montrose, Colorado. I’ve been wanting to visit the Shavano Valley Petroglyph Park for a while now, but never followed through in obtaining permission to go. Last week a got a call from my friend Greg who was planning on visiting the site so it was the perfect time for me to finally get out there. We met up at the site around sunrise (which meant it was a very early morning for us) and spent a few hours exploring and photographing the petroglyphs. This is certainly one of the better petroglyph sites I have visited in the area and the bears in this panel are very cool.

>> Shavano Valley Petroglyph Park

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  1. 9:14 am, June 25, 2012Dave Sandersfeld 

    The Shoshone of northern Idaho-Montana have a bear dance too today. This panel is clear enough I can see the modern tribal dancers! Classic capture Randy. Thank for sharing this utterly amazing insight

  2. 2:11 pm, June 29, 2012Robert Ksyniuk 

    How did you bring out the detail in the photo. What exactly did you do to get that great look. I know Photoshop very well, but its always nice to find out what other people do and techniques used. Love it

  3. 8:32 pm, July 29, 2012Dann Cianca 

    Is this on private land?

    • Randy Langstraat

      9:12 pm, July 29, 2012Randy Langstraat 

      It used to be private land, but the land was purchased by a group in Montrose to preserve the site. You still need permission to access the site, though.

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