Time Takes it’s Toll

Time Takes it's Toll

I received word from my friend Philippe this last weekend that the Robidoux Panel in the Book Cliffs was broken when he visited it at the beginning of his Southwest trip this year, so I just had to go see it for myself. On my way home from Moab on the solstice, I made the short detour and found that part of the panel had indeed broken off and fallen to the ground. I had last visited this panel on December 18, 2010 and it was all in one piece then.

>> Summer Solstice Rock Art

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  1. 1:52 am, February 6, 2012Bill Yanneck 

    Hi, I just went looking for this site today, and though I only had a vague idea where it was I DID find it.

    I was lucky only in that I saw some tracks in the snow leave the main road and thought it just might be it.

    Yes, sad it’s broken.

    Quite a little piece of history there, almost 200 years old!

    Wasn’t there 10 minutes when the rancher across the way there came running with his dog and yelling about what was it I didn’t understand about the signs I had just walked past.

    You know, those “No Trespassing” signs.

    Oh well, I can only hope he has more an interest in preserving what remains of that rock face than keeping people off his property.

    Can’t blame him, it looks like there are a number of cracks throughout the inscription.

    He sure didn’t want to chat…

    Grand Junction, Colorado

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