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Ancient Mug

The Langstraat Mug

Ancient Mug

Animal Effigy Handle

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Concentric Head

Big Spiral Head

While I was out exploring the Paria Plateau in Arizona last weekend, I spotted this nice petroglyph panel high up on one of the sandstone buttes. The main anthropomorph with the spiral head is probably between three and four feet in height for a little scale. I like the way the lines in the sandstone lead down towards a small alcove located below.

>> The Paria Plateau

The Notch Panel

The Notch Panel

The Notch Panel is one of my favorite petroglyphs panels near the Utah – Arizona state line. I took this photo close to sunset so the direct golden light would help bring out the figures. The puffy clouds in the blue sky were a bonus! The maze-like design and two-headed snake are very unique and what sets this panel apart from others.

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