Sun Carrier

Sun Carrier

The Uinta Basin in Northeastern Utah features some of the finest rock art in Utah and a very distinct subdivision of the Fremont Style known as the Classic Vernal Style. The Sun Carrier panel, also known as The Three Kings panel has been called the greatest petroglyph panel in the world. While that description might be just a little over the top, it absolutely has to be up near the top of that list. This panel is in a very unique location on a sandstone pillar about two-thirds of the way up the cliff from the canyon floor. Not only are the human-like figures very large and lifelike, they are also highly detailed and decorated. It also appears that there is also some red pigment left on the panel, especially on the large sun-like figure and the central human figure. It makes one wonder just how much paint there may have been on this panel when it was created that has weathered away…

I would like to extend my thanks to the McConkie Ranch for allowing the public onto their property so that those of us who enjoy viewing rock art can experience the many fine petroglyphs located here. I encourage anyone who is interested in rock art to make the trip up there to view all the spectacular rock art…you won’t be disappointed!

>> Dry Fork – McConkie Ranch

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