Solstice Snake

Solstice Snake

I’ve been anticipating the Summer Solstice this year so that I could visit the Solstice Snake (aka Solar Snake or Hyper Viper) and watch the arrowhead of light appear on the snake’s head. For about two minutes on the summer solstice a dagger of light shaped like an arrowhead appears on the head of this very large and well executed petroglyph of a snake near Moab. It was an amazing experience! I spent much of the beginning of the year researching this petroglyph and searching for it. Once I found it, it was just a matter of waiting for the short window of time to get this image. My time and efforts seem to have payed off!

>> Summer Solstice Rock Art

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  1. 4:16 pm, June 20, 2012Russel Micnhimer 

    Congratulations, you absolutely nailed this. Do you have a picture of where the light dagger emanated from? that would be interesting as well. I am posting a link to this on I hope you don’t mind.

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