Solar Snake

Solar Snake

Since I am not able to visit the Solstice Snake today for the summer solstice I will go ahead and post another photo from this amazing experience from last year. For those that do not know about the Solstice Snake, on the summer solstice for less than two minutes an arrowhead of light appears near the head of this very large and well-executed snake petroglyph.

>> Summer Solstice Rock Art

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  1. 8:28 pm, July 29, 2012Dann Cianca 

    What is the mechanism that shapes the arrowhead? Is it a carving?

    • Randy Langstraat

      9:09 pm, July 29, 2012Randy Langstraat 

      Just the way the light catches the cliff face for a few seconds before the entire cliff is lit with sunlight.

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