Price River Boulder

Price River Boulder

On Saturday I took my inflatable kayak through part of Gray Canyon on the Green River from Nefertiti to Swaseys Rapid. It was a nice relaxing day on the river, and I also got to find some new rock art, plus revisit some sites I have been to before. I have been to this large boulder containing a few pretty large petroglyphs before, but I can never pass up the opportunity to revisit a site when I am near.

>> Gray Canyon and the Island in the Sky

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  1. 10:37 am, August 7, 2012Pamela N. Brown 

    Stunning capture. I love the contrast between the earth and sky.

  2. 9:25 pm, August 7, 2012Jackson Frishman 

    Very cool, Randy! I used to guide Gray/Deso trips, but by the time we got to Nefertiti no one ever had energy to go exploring. I didn’t even know there was rock art in the day stretch. Good reason to go back, I guess!

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