In a short canyon near Escalante there are a number of alcoves grouped together known as the Weavers Caves. They have received that distinction because of the many needle-like pictographs painted within. The above photo shows just a very small portion of the fine pictographs found in these alcoves. It truly is amazing just how many figures are painted here, but a lot of them are now pretty faint and hard to see. The most interesting thing to me about this site besides just how many figures are painted in these alcoves is how small each of them are. Many of them are abstract shapes and are painted in very fine lines using multiple colors.

These pictographs are nothing like anything else I have seen in Southern Utah. I am not sure what style these would be considered, but there were parts of them that reminded me of Barrier Canyon Style. I have read that some people believe they might be Espalande or Pecos styles? Whatever their style, they are certainly uncommon for the area and were a pleasure to visit.

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