Leading A Horse to Water

Leading a Horse to Water

One of the many Ute petroglyphs found along the road in Nine Mile Canyon. This historic scene features a rider on a horse being led somewhere by someone with a rope. I wonder where they could be headed?

>> Nine Mile Canyon

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  1. 5:28 am, January 31, 2012Stephen 

    This is fascinating – I came across the photo looking for photos for a blog posting on taking control of your life (pick up your own reins). I find rock art compelling. Someone really did want to convey a message.
    In fact – I would really like to use this photo for the piece I wrote. Would it be OK if I thanked you and put a link to this page?
    Looking forward to your response


    • Randy Langstraat

      7:51 am, January 31, 2012Randy Langstraat 

      Stephen- it’s OK if you would like to use this photo on your blog with a link back to this page. Thanks!

  2. 7:04 am, February 1, 2012Carol King 

    Hi, I came by here from Stephen’s blog posting. My husband and I keep saying we want to visit Colorado (we are from NYC) and this picture makes me want to visit even more. How cool! I’m going to look at more of your posts. Thanks!