Canyonlands Panel

Canyonlands Panel

Have I got a story for you… This past weekend I spent three days with some good friends exploring the Beef Basin area. One of my main goals this trip was to locate the petroglyph panel above, though I really had no information about it’s location other than one photo I had found. I spent all day on Saturday searching for this panel with no luck, and it looked like I would be going home empty handed on this trip. On Sunday, I was actually leaving Beef Basin when I had one more idea and decided to turn around so I could check out one last area. As luck would have it, I managed to locate the panel! It felt great after being defeated the previous day. Not only is this an amazing petroglyph panel with designs and figures I have not seen anywhere else before, but it was also located high up in a pass through a notch in a cliff that offered commanding views of the entire Canyonlands region. I could definitely see why this spot would be important and special to the creators of this rock art.

>> Beef Basin & Gypsum Canyon

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  1. 7:57 am, November 6, 2012Ed 

    outstanding Randy your photos inspire me thanks

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