Ancient Aliens

Ancient Aliens

On my way home from The Needles this last weekend, I took the long way home from Monticello so that I could make a few quick stops at some new rock art sites in Western Colorado. The main site I wanted to visit was this one, located on a large boulder along the Dolores River. These petroglyphs are very unique and are believed to be a cross between the Glen Canyon Style and the Uncompahgre Style. They sure do look a little like aliens 😉

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  1. 11:35 am, November 20, 2012Ed 

    Just wanting to Appreciate Your Pictures and ongoing enterprize !!!
    I’d like to comment on the picture that you title Ancient Aliens. With several other examples along and off the Dolores nearby, (perhaps a couple of miles upriver and something over a mile down river from your pictured panel, at the mouth of Bull creek, along the old road beside 141 leading out of Disappointment valley and at the mouth of LaSal creek) they are commonly recognized as part of the Glen Canyon V culture’s expression and stylistically unlikely members of the relatively distant, and even earlier Uncompahgre tradition.
    Interceding are Paradox valley and Roc creek sites with many Abajo-LaSal style panels. Gateway culture panels at Burro creek mesa and Weimar ranch continue edging away the outlying classic ‘Uncompahgre’ archaic styles existing above Naturita, along the lower Dolores and, rarely, in Paradox valley.
    Interestingly, there exist BC panels in a number of these areas including along the Dolores corridor,
    between Disappointment and Gypsum valleys and in one of the highest Paradox valley panels. I believe these arguably become the easternmost BC outliers. Ed

    • Randy Langstraat

      12:20 pm, November 20, 2012Randy Langstraat 

      Thanks for the info Ed.

      I was just at the mouth of La Sal Creek a few weeks back and didn’t find any rock art while I was there searching….I must have missed it. Guess that means I’ll have to go back another time and look again 🙂

  2. 7:29 pm, November 22, 2012Ed 

    The main GCV figure at the LaSal creek mouth :
    am digging around for locations there ….

    • Randy Langstraat

      7:35 pm, November 22, 2012Randy Langstraat 

      Ed- The link to the photo is not working. Probably because we are not friends on Facebook?

  3. 5:51 pm, March 23, 2016Skyler k 

    Was just here today, wonderful!

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